Pauline Lamond and Charli Russell


We considered how we can encourage young people to have a positive view of themselves and came up with the following ideas;
v A graffiti wall for pupils to express themselves
v Consultation and discussion with Hilary Kennel about self awareness and self esteem
v Healthy eating programme involving the school Nurse Ann Reavie
v Parental involvement
v Mentoring


v In order to develop each strand of this, careful monitoring of activities is crucial
v The Graffiti Wall would be in an area in the school that was supervised by staff and would be semi permanent. Plaster boards to be fixed to appropriate walls with lining paper on. Children would then be encouraged to write/draw their own ‘Tag’. Certain rules would have to be applied such as no swear words or threats against others; no reference to drink, drugs or sex; no gratuitous images of death, blood or killing. Once the wall is filled, it can be removed and sections of it framed (frames that are made by the children), for permanent display in the school. Children to be given the option of taking a framed example of their work home.
v Hilary Kennel to set up workshops and discussion forums for children to share their experiences, concerns and worries in a relaxed and accessible manner.
v All pupils to be given advice and encouragement on healthy eating- look for sponsorship from supermarkets, Tesco or Lidl. Fruit and approved soft drinks to be available at minimal cost/free. Children to keep Mood Diary of how they feel when eating less sugar and fizzy drinks. Awareness of long-term effects of poor diet.
v Parents must be involved at every stage and have the right to withdraw their child from any activity. A power point presentation to be given introducing this aspect of the Alternative Curriculum. Support in the way of leaflets with contact numbers to be made available too.
v Mentoring:
Sensitive selection of which adults will work with which children. Children to be given one chance to change Key Worker if relationship is strained. Key Worker to have overall responsibility for a small number of children, no more than 4, and whole group to develop aspects of working as a team.

Respected/successful members of the community could meet once a week or fortnight to discuss the progress of the young person they are mentoring. They could blog about their own experiences? How can this be organised, especially if people are working?

Pauline Lamond and Charli Russell will:
v Arrange to visit Pathways and Midfield to gather information for successful Key Worker relationships.
v Contact local psychiatric unit to discuss self esteem programmes
v Ask B&Q/ local builders yard for off cuts of plasterboard
v Discuss with CDT department options for framing work
v Liaise with FES about positioning Graffiti Wall


Because they’re worth it!!!

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