Departments - Drama. Home Ec. CDT. Business Ed. Art
Other departments could be involved in the Extreme Learning Project depending on the topic chosen by pupils.

Individual Staff Members - open to volunteers as required. Not necessarily within their own disipline.
Budget, Materials, Facilities also impact on the staffing.

Integrated Projects - several departments have a input into a topic/theme pupils is focusing on.
Timing - work in blocks. Single periods. Coordinator for timetabling.
Drama - Performance. Life Skills, interview skills etc.
CDT - Practical Projects, group or individual. Props for Drama performance.
Art - PLTV. Design for performance. Extreme Leaning Projects.
Tailored to pupils - broad ideas/topics to choose from, get their suggestions.
SIngle Period. Depends on WHO is involved! 2 out of 12?

Need to promote to other members of staff - involved from the outset so all have an input, choose broad areas/topic. Coordinator involved in pulling this together.