Outdoor Education as part of the timetable - Working Party Discussion 3rd Nov 2006
As part of the working party meeting for PL's Alternative Curriculum we were asked to discuss the possibilities that Active Steps and POPs could bring to the timetable. In discussion were Sally, Angela and Frances.

What qualifications could we bring to the timetable?
· Bronze medallion
· First Aid
· Horse Riding Trek Assistant
· Club Golf
· SVQ's from Telford College (in sport)
· Sailing RYA Stages 1 and 2
· Kayak and Canoeing 'star' awards
What else?
· golf
· horseriding
· team sports
· weight training
· rock climbing
· skiing/snowboarding
· surfing
· sailing
· power kiting
· multi-activities/team building
· John Muir Award
The courses are likely to have options and last the length of a term to gain a standard or skill or qualification.
When would these activities take place?
It has been suggested that the most appropriate time slots are Monday periods 3 and 4 and Wednesday periods 5 and 6.

Where would the activities take place?
Most viable options currently seem to be Mondays based in and around Prestonpans (with POPs), Wednesdays out in East Lothian (Active Steps)

Who will run and support the sessions?
Active Steps and POPs will use a combination or project coordinators and freelance associates to run the sessions. Frances Lamarra is eager to be a consistent support on the Monday and Wednesday sessions. It is noted that Alan Bell may offer a similar role.

Sally Harris 6/11/06