Preston Lodge High School

ALPs Active Learning Partnerships Draft Programme Outline January 2006-June 2006

Outdoor Education/College input

4 periods per week. In the first instance Monday P3&4 and Wednesday P5&6
Programme to be finalised by A Davie, S Harris, G Rae(Telford College)

Issues to be resolved:

Exact programme, transport, budget required(if any), staffing(PL input,
F Lamarra?)

Self reflection/awareness

One period per week. Students take part in circle time reflection, assessment of peers, completion of learning diary/blog/video diary

Issues to be resolved:

Access to computing room, access to video equipment if necessary, input from other areas such as Hilary Kennel, self-esteem programmes and staffing. MENTORING, Who? How? When?


One period per week. A menu of opportunities from which students select one. Extreme Learning, PLTV, CDT, Drama, Graffiti Wall etc

Issues to be resolved:

Staffing and exact content of projects ‘menu’.

Admin of the programme

Programme co-ordinated by one person(B Smith?). Admin support required for ‘nuts and bolts’ of administering the provision.

Issues to be resolved:

Commitment to admin support from PLHS. Time commitment for programme coordinator. Organisation of timetables for youngsters on the programme.


Programme beyond S3 – involving local business?, New cohort for 2007/8, consultation and selection.