Barry, Kenny and Eilidh discussed the issues surrounding the Admin - they came up with the following at 7.30 am on Friday 3 November!

  • People delivering programme would have role here
  • B Smith would be overseer of monitoring (but would need time for this)
  • A lot of this requires ADMIN SUPPORT
  • Dialogue between home and school - set realistic aims. Weekly contact could become a time-consuming headache each week, so once a term may be more realistic
  • Attendance, effort, behaviour, progress, behaviour contract, possibility of a log book?
  • Once a term - overall to parents (report)
  • Feedback weekly evaluation and reflection by kids
  • "Raw data" from staff/tutor
  • Reflection Lesson includes following (in italics) ...
  • Work/log book return and report back
  • Circle time with positive feedback
  • Formative assessment of week
  • Changes in me - how do I go forward?
  • Plans for next week
  • Contacting the youngsters, making sure this is done effectively - problems with notices and reg bags
  • School email checked regularly by kids
Conditions for staying on programme
  • Behaviour contract
  • Clear path of progression shown by moving on to new "conduct/progrss sheet"
  • What support structures kick in, role of the mentor
  • Info gathered and shared with mentor
  • POSITIVE - aiming for reward, rather than punishing the negative